Updated: 2016-02-03 (cnnc.com.cn)


“Going global” has become a national nuclear power strategy. The Chinese government is striving to promote this strategy to shape its nuclear power into a very demonstrative flagship project in the international arena.

HPR1000 is the only 3rd-generation nuclear power brand to which China has exclusive intellectual property rights. Qualified for export, it has lifted China’s nuclear power technology to a globally leading position and become a strategic tool for our government to use to promote nuclear power technologies abroad. 



Exclusive intellectual property rights

On the basis of China’s thirty-years’ experience in nuclear power research and development, design, manufacture, and operation, HPR1000, jointly developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), fully draws on the “passive safety” feature of the world’s cutting-edge 3rd-generation nuclear power technology, reflecting lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident. 

HPR1000 is a 3rd-generation nuclear power model independently developed by China in line with the world’s state-of-the-art regulations and standards. It has potential to take China’s nuclear power abroad and capture the international market. 

Qualified for commencement of first reactor construction

HPR1000 is now qualified to undergo construction. The targeted rate of local access of engineering equipment for the first reactor is more than 85 percent, which can help enhance the level of domestic equipment manufacturing and lower the engineering cost.  

Technology and safety up to world’s advanced level

HPR1000, using both active and passive safety design concepts, totally implements the defense-in-depth design principle in a balanced way and takes sound precautions against severe accidents, as well as mitigation measures in case of accidents. Its safety is up to the international advanced level.  

Qualified for export

HPR1000 is independently qualified for export. It is protected by exclusive intellectual property rights in many aspects, such as its design, fuel, equipment, construction, operation, maintenance, and nuclear power software.

CNNC’s independently developed nuclear fuel brand, CF Series, is also qualified for export. By 2017, the CNNC is expected to be able to rely on its domestically produced nuclear fuel elements for industrialized applications. 華龍一號-照片3.jpg

Deployment In November 2014, the National Energy Administration of China approved the HPR1000 design for use in the Demo Project Fuqing 5 and 6.

On May 7, 2015, construction of the first reactor, Fuqing Unit 5, began.

On Nov 6, 2015, the joint pump house of the HPR1000 demo unit started its FCD, indicating that construction of the HPR1000 demo unit is proceeding to completion.